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My name is Austin Headley, and I am a designer and marketer from Toronto, Canada. I have been helping clients with their  creative needs for around 15 years. I created atomhead design in 2012 as a branding exercise, and as a conduit for interesting freelance projects that engage me to learn new skills.


Master brand logo

At the Heart & Stroke Foundation, I managed brand quality, art direction, and project management for the national Creative Services team. I drove improvements through templates, design systems, processes and leadership, while also providing art, creative, and UX direction across multiple channels and mediums to bring relevant, engaging and visually appealing content to our audiences.

immersed in english – logo

Created the logo, website, and various print materials for Immersed in English, an ESL training startup.

Symbility master brand logo

At Symbility, I was brought in to refresh and evolve the brand. I created a look and feel that was implemented across multiple channels and mediums.


Created the logo, branding, website and various print, digital and motion assets for promotion and administration of the Overtime Basketball League, a men’s recreational league startup.


Website homepage sample

immersed in english

Designed website for client from scratch using WordPress, with integrated scheduling and payment processing functionality. 

heart & stroke 2019 report

Art direction, layout and UX design for the 2019 Heart & Stroke Report. We had recently decided to adopt Ceros, an online tool for creating interactive user experiences, and this was our first attempt at using it. 

After completion, the team at Ceros asked if they could feature it on their Inspire site, which showcases best-in-class design using their platform.

Embedded website experience built in Ceros
artscape annual report

artscape 2017 annual report

Built one-page scrolling website using WordPress and the Avada theme.

heart & stroke lottery digital banners

Project management and art direction for a set of digital banners. A different version of the banners were done by a large, well-known external agency, but the Lottery team was not happy with them. 

Our creative was run simultaneously with the agency creative as a test, and our version yielded double the click-through rate. Utilizing our in-house talent also saved the Lottery team thousands of dollars.


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Cover image for the Heart & Stroke 2018 Report to Donors

heart & stroke report to donors

Art direction, layout/design, project management support, photography direction and coordination of remote photo shoots.

kitchen orkestra flyer

Created a promotional flyer for a client that I met in a random shared cab ride one day who happened to be looking for graphic design help! Interesting opportunity and fun project, something a little different from my usual corporate stuff.

flyer_kitchen orchestra_201701_v3

symbility white paper

Art direction & concept for visual, graphic design and layout. 

trez capital report

Worked directly with VP, Investor Relations to created a report using brand guidelines and pulling from the look and feel of the organization’s other materials. 

TREZ capital outlook & opportunities report cover


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ride for heart social promo

Created from raw footage taken at the event. 

annual dinner promotional video

Art direction and design of promotional video for the Toronto Region Board of Trade’s 2017 Annual Dinner.

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overtime basketball league

Created a video clip taken from in-game footage to promote the league on social media.


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