heart & stroke foundation

As the Manager of Design Services, I create and provide direction on a wide range of print and digital pieces, while also managing projects, stakeholder relationships, resources and department workflow. In this role, I have improved brand quality, increased capabilities of the design team, and have implemented a new workflow process for the Creative Services department, which has significantly improved our capacity and efficiency.

ride for heart social promo

Created from footage taken of the event. Was given the copy, came up with the rest. 

Embedded website experience built in Ceros

2019 heart and stroke report

Art direction, layout and UX design for the 2019 Heart & Stroke Report. We had recently decided to adopt Ceros, an online tool for creating interactive user experiences, and this was our first attempt at using it. 

After completion, the team at Ceros asked if they could feature it on their Ceros Inspire web portal, which showcases best-in-class design using their platform.

lottery digital campaign banners

Project management and art direction for a set of digital banners for the Lottery team. These banners were part of a larger set of campaign creative, which was done by an external agency. The team was not happy with what was produced and asked if we could assist, as they were on a tight deadline and didn’t have time to go back and forth with them.

The creative we produced yielded 2x the CTR of the agency creative, and saved the Lottery team thousands of dollars.

Report to Donors 2016

report to donors 2016

Art direction and layout of the 2016 Report to Donors.

Special event marketing collateral template

event marketing template

Established design templates for special events run by Heart & Stroke to create a consistent look and feel. The need for these templates was identified after observing inefficiencies in the design process and brand quality concerns that arose from those inefficiencies. 

From stakeholder meetings and review with the team, I created a design that kept the creative on brand, visually appealing, with the flexibility to look unique for the particular theme of the event. From there, we would choose/design the image to be used for each specific event, based on the brief provided.